Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy

The mission of Camerata Bardi is to promote and nourish a "modern reinasance" in the art of singing, rooted in the italian Bel Canto tradition, by understanding the universal language of music scores: Italian.

Industry professionals will assist and coach individuals and groups through lectures, instructions on style, diction, interpretation, technique and acting.

Where possible, qualified students will have the opportunity to grow by performing on stage in productions by Teatro Grattacielo, Bel Canto International Club and referrals to opera companies and agents

Watch #OperaAtHome

At the end of an week long training, we asked Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy Young and Resident Artists to self tape at home.. We then edited and here we are!

The world of opera , and not only, is in crisis right now, and even thought a video concert cannot replace the excitement of a live performance , We thought it was important to keep promoting our young singers in our best of our abilities. All for the love of the opera of course....


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