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Teatro Grattacielo "Start with the Arts" Fundraising Campaign - Celebrating 30 Years of Artistic Excellence

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, Teatro Grattacielo is proud to announce its “Start with the Arts” fundraising campaign, marking the grand celebration of our 30th anniversary. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to nurturing the future of opera, fostering young talents who will carry the torch forward. In this spirit, we present three exciting membership opportunities for you to become an integral part of this cultural journey.

**1. “Pioneer for the Arts” - $145**

- 1 ticket to a spectacular performance.

- Design your own unique custom t-shirt featuring a Grattacielo Artwork of your choosing alongside our logo.

Become a pioneer and experience the magic of Teatro Grattacielo while making a lasting impact on the future of opera.

**2. “Persuader of the Arts” - $290**

- 1 ticket to two season performances.

- Design your own unique custom t-shirt featuring a Grattacielo Artwork of your choosing alongside our logo.

As a persuader, you double the enchantment and double the support for our emerging artists.

**3. “Patron for the Arts 2024” - $1000**

- A full 2024 Opera Pass with two tickets to both Season performances.

- Two exclusive Teatro Grattacielo t-shirts for you and a guest.

- Special recognition in our program as a distinguished “Patron for the Arts 2024.”

Becoming a Patron means more than attending performances; it means investing in the very essence of artistic expression, securing a legacy for generations to come.

**4. “Champion of the Arts” - $2024**

- Two tickets to both productions.

- Two custom-designed t-shirts.

- Recognition in the program as a “Champion for the Arts 2024.”

- Meet and Greet with the artists

**Why Support Teatro Grattacielo?**

Teatro Grattacielo, established three decades ago within the confines of a modest New York City apartment, embarked on a unique mission: to showcase operatic rarities and provide a platform for emerging opera singers and artists, catapulting them onto the international stage at the onset of their professional careers. Our 30-year journey is marked by a tapestry of remarkable success stories that illuminate our past, while we fervently construct our future through the creation of new productions that champion the American operatic spirit.

As we celebrate our rich history, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the original mission, fueled by the same passion and love that ignited our inception. Simultaneously, we are embracing new perspectives within the operatic realm, envisioning a future that propels opera into the next century. It is this dynamic blend of continuity and innovation that defines the trajectory of Teatro Grattacielo, ensuring the enduring legacy of our commitment to operatic excellence.

Faces of Teatro Grattacielo 2023

When you contribute to Teatro Grattacielo, you provide emerging artists and opera audiences with the opportunity to become familiar with lesser-known Italian and English repertoire and performance style, thus the worldwide expansion and appreciation of the operatic tradition.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and your generous gift with be used to create powerful performances.

Help Teatro grattacielo now making your donation! Thank you!

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Checks can be mailed at: Teatro Grattacielo 209 40th street , Apt 3BUnion City, NJ 07087


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