Intergenerational - Multidisciplinary Educational Outreach | Creative Tableaux

Intergenerational - Multidisciplinary Educational Outreach | Creative Tableaux

Creative Tableaux is an interdisciplinary, free educational art and music program provided as an enhancement and continuation of our 2021 successful Tableaux of Amico Fritz educational program, which you have generously supported. The program aims to keep introducing the power of arts and culture to inspire creativity and spark youth collaboration by using opera and classical music clips, short, urban fables written by William Maxwell, one of the most influential American writers of the last century and editor of the New Yorker, and a leading female painter: Filipino-American artist Lolita Valderrama Savage, who’s prolific work has been featured around the world, in our educational programs and our staged productions.

This year, advancing our impact from last season’s start, we are bringing Creative Tableaux to local and international public libraries and schools. By ensuring that the program is free, we are encouraging all to attend, especially those who live in under resourced, low-income communities who may not have the opportunity to experience these artforms otherwise. We plan to employ young and emerging Artists in this project due to their ability to connect to a wide range of audiences, particularly children and young adults. We believe that the young generation of artists is the future of opera and serve as the bridge between the historically elitist opera landscape and the changing 21st-century landscape.


Giambelli Foundation
Columbus Citizens Foundation
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

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