Creative Tableaux, an all-inclusive intergenerational & multidisciplinary educational program

Creative Tableaux, an all-inclusive intergenerational & multidisciplinary educational program


Creative Tableaux by Teatro Grattacielo represents a pioneering and immersive approach to opera education, encompassing multiple art forms to foster creativity, collaboration, and appreciation for opera. Through the program, we aim to instill a lifelong love for the arts in the hearts of young students and community members, empowering them to become the next generation of opera enthusiasts, performers, and supporters.

Our program offers a unique collaboration of opera, visual arts and working-based learning internships to create an engaging and exciting educational experience for everyone. Through “Creative Tableaux,” participants will be immersed in the world of opera, learning about the art form as well as collaborating with professional opera creatives and visual art experts to create their own projects.

We believe it is important to promote opera as an art form in connection with other art forms, and “Creative Tableaux” does just that. Our program offers a comprehensive experience that explores the intersections between opera, visual art, and education.


The primary goals of Creative Tableaux are as follows:

a. To foster an understanding and appreciation for opera among students and New York communities.

b. To promote the values of collaboration, creativity, and art education.

c. To stimulate critical thinking and expand participants’ artistic horizons.

d. To create unique and engaging experiences that combine opera and visual arts.

e. To provide valuable working-based learning internships to High School students.

Creative Tableaux is the continuation of our successful 2021 “Tableaux of Amico Fritz”.

Over the span of 2021 to 2022, we had the privilege of engaging with 4000 students and community members. In June 2023, we furthered our commitment to enriching lives by conducting a series of school and community workshops, masterclasses and working-based learning internships and extended invitations to these enthusiastic participants for a complimentary performance of Mozart’s timeless masterpiece, Don Giovanni, at Riverside Theater on June 17th. The night our audience, comprised of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, including members of God’s Love We Deliver, the LGTBQ Center of NYC, The Hudson Guild, and several public schools, enthusiastically filled the venue, resulting in a sold-out show.

Program Details

The program is split into two parts:

PART ONE: The warm up



To engage participants in the creative process behind opera production, focusing on color-blocking, design decisions, and storytelling *

on the first part of this interactive, program, we walk participants through the creative process of an opera:

  • How an opera is commissioned and written (for new operas)
  • How we create the visual elements (sets and costumes) of a new operatic production.
  • When possible, set up basis for working-based learning internships.

* part one is offered in person and online via zoom.



1. Introduction to Opera (2 hours)*

- Overview of opera as an art form.

- History of opera and its significance in the performing arts.

- Interactive discussion on opera’s storytelling elements and visual arts integration.

- Playwright Eugene O’ Neil in the opera world.

2. Creative Workshops (4 +hours)*

- Introduction to the 2024 productions: “Elixir of Love” and “Beyond the Horizon.”

- Insight into the creative process behind color-blocking and design decisions.

- Hands-on activities guided by creative teams, focusing on costume design and color selection.

- For Arts High Schools: start working with student groups on working-based learning internships.

3. Group Activities (3 hours)*

- Facilitated group discussions on key concepts and themes.

- Hands-on experiences related to opera production, such as set design mock-ups or costume sketches.

4. Wrap-up and Reflection (1 hour)

- Review of key concepts learned during the program.

- Reflection on personal insights and connections made between opera, storytelling, and visual arts.

- Discussion on possible future engagement opportunities, including Work Based Learning Internships.

Inclusivity and Diversity practices:

- Ensure all discussions and presentations are inclusive, using gender-fluid language and respectful formulations.

- Respect and represent all cultures and races in examples and discussions.

- Encourage participants to share diverse perspectives and experiences related to the arts.

Follow-up Opportunities:

- Provide information on Teatro Grattacielo’s ongoing programs and performances for continued engagement.

- Share resources for further learning and exploration in opera and the arts.

- Community and Student feedback sessions.

*sessions can be customized to fit school curriculum



- David Santiago, set and interior designer.

- Lydia Venieri, multidisciplinary artist.

- Walter Simmons, “Beyond the Horizon” librettist and musicologist.

- Chara Spathi, video and projections artist.

- Stefanos Koroneos, director and projections creator.


PART TWO: All elements come together!

STUDENT AND COMMUNITY free opera performances at La MaMa, creative shares and the Flea Theater in New York City. *

Building upon the foundation laid in part one, we invite young/ underserved/ volunteer/ retirement/ LGTBQ+ community members and leaders to immerse themselves in an immersive experience: attending full-scale opera performances at La MaMa, creative shares and The Flea Theater. On June 2th, 2024, they can witness an adapted rendition of Donizetti’s timeless comic masterpiece, “L’elisir d’amore” (the Elixir of Love) at The Flea Theater , followed by N. Flagello’s “Beyond the Horizon” on September 14h, 2023 at La MaMa, creative shares. Beyond the Horizon is based on Eugene O Neil’s Pulitzer Prize winning play by the same title.

These carefully curated productions not only entertain but also underscore the significance of appreciating the diverse artistic elements that shape our world. Drawing inspiration from David Santiago’s sketches for L’elisir d’ amore, the scenic design amplifies the visual experience.



•TeatroGrattacielo is offering two (2) $500 scholarships to students who write the best essay about the project
Requirements: 1-page written essay
Theme: The theme of the essay is up to the teacher, but it must be connected to CREATIVE TABLEAUX
Deadline: October 31, 2024
Winners Announced: December 15, 2024


Our two trained staff will connect with you and your students by request, for free, OR your teacher can use our user-friendly guide/script.
Please click here for information about Teatro Grattacielo, its educational mission and info about our cast and creative team.
To learn more about our STORIES, please click here.
If you need further information or any assistance, please contact our Artistic Director Stefanos Koroneos at:


PART ONE - Workshops and Presentations

​MAY 2024 - PART ONE - Working-based learning internships

The production part of the Working-Based Learning Internships at The High School of Fashion Industries is in full swing! Some of our singers joined us at school for a great fitting session! The students discussed their styling choices and took note of some alterations that are needed for the upcoming shows.

​MAY 2024 - PART ONE - Harrison Public Library

We came back to the Harrison Public Library to present our interactive workshop! We introduced participants to the creative process of operatic productions, and more specifically to the concepts and inspirations behind our upcoming production L’Elisir d’Amore, a very vibrant and creative piece, featuring bold colors, fun costumes, and surprising projections.

​APRIL 2024 - PART ONE - Working-based learning internships

To launch the production part of the Working-Based Learning Internships offered to The High School of Fashion Industries, two of our future Adinas, Maia Gonzalez and Victoria McGrath, came onsite to meet the class. The students took their measurements and interacted with them on various topics, going from opera as an art form to their role as Adina.

This class was moderated by Robert di Mauro, who highlighted precious insights, for example on how costume design and building are essential help for the performers to inhabit the character.

​MACRH 2024 - PART ONE - Working-based learning internships

We have successfully concluded the first part of the Working-Based Learning Internships offered to The High School of Fashion Industries, which consisted of styling training. The talented students have been a tremendous help in finding the right pieces of clothing and accessories to showcase each member of the cast and chorus of our upcoming production of G. Donizetti’s Elisir d’Amore. We are thrilled to start the production part of the internship in the coming weeks!

​MACRH 2024 - PART ONE - Creative process workshop and audition opportunities

At the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School, we presented an interactive workshop introducing the creative process that is the starting point of any operatic production. After understanding the essential concepts of our upcoming productions, each student was given the opportunity to audition for supporting roles.

FEBRUARY 2024 - PART ONE - Working-based learning internships

We are very happy to be working with a talented group of students from the High School for Fashion Industries in New York City!

Creative presenters: Robert di Mauro & Stefanos Koroneos.

FEBRUARY 2024 - PART ONE - Creative Coloring Workshop

on February 20th, 2024 we presented an interactive - creative workshop based on coloring in the opera world at North Bergen High School .

Guest presenters: David Santiago and Stefanos Koroneos.

MAY 2023 - PART ONE - Carmen

We are excited to share that on May 10th, 2023, we presented our educational program, Creative Tableaux, to 800 enthusiastic kids. This interactive program consisted of a presentation, Q&A, and a mini performance of G. Bizet’s Carmen with a full orchestra. Most of these students have never heard or been in an opera performance.

​JUNE 2023 - PART ONE - Don Giovanni - Dominican Academy

We present PART ONE of Creative Tableaux at Dominican Academy in NYC on June 19th! This interactive session was filled with engaging Q&As, captivating projections, and hands-on set/costume workshops.

JUNE 2023 - PART ONE - Don Giovanni - Harrison Public Library

We presented PART ONE of Creative Tableaux at the Harrison Public Library on June 19th! This interactive session was filled with engaging Q&As, captivating projections, and hands-on set/costume workshops.


JUNE 2023 - PART TWO - Don Giovanni - The Riverside Theater

On the evening of June 17th, the Riverside Theater in New York City buzzed with an electric atmosphere of creativity and inclusivity as we took the stage to present Mozart’s timeless masterpiece, Don Giovanni. This performance marked a significant milestone in the second part of our innovative multidisciplinary and intergenerational educational program, aptly named “Creative Tableaux.” The audience was comprised of an enthusiastic and diverse group, including members from several NYC public schools, seniors from the Hudson Guilt, volunteers from God’s Love We Deliver, members and staff of the LGBTQ Center of NY, and the general public.

In line with our commitment to inclusivity, we assembled a diverse cast and crew for this rendition of Don Giovanni. Our unwavering belief in the power of diversity shone through as talents from various backgrounds seamlessly fused together, delivering a vibrant and representative portrayal of Mozart’s work of art.

Embracing the creative energy of New York City, we infused the performance with elements that pushed the boundaries of traditional opera. Taking inspiration from the bold storytelling and vivid aesthetics of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, the production of Don Giovanni unfolded like a mesmerizing cinematic experience on stage. The characters sprang to life with vibrant colors, exuberant costumes, and innovative staging, captivating the audience and immersing them in a fresh and exhilarating way of perceiving opera.

​OCTOBER 2023 - PART TWO- La Vestale - Gerald Lynch Theater

In October 2028, we collaborated with 40 talented young student-performers from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School. Together, we immersed ourselves in the journey of staging an operatic production, covering everything from musical rehearsals to staging, working with opera professional singers and creative teams, culminating in orchestral rehearsals. The pinnacle of this transformative experience was their performance in our main production of “La Vestale” at the prestigious Gerald Lynch Theater on October 28th.

​NOVEMBER 2023 - PART TWO- The 10 Faces of Maria Callas- New York City

On November 16th, 2023, our emerging artists captivated a vibrant audience of 700 at the Greek Cathedral in NYC with a concert-educational community program titled “The 10 Faces of Maria Callas.” The event delved into the life, career, and humanitarian essence of the legendary soprano Maria Callas, presented in an engaging and educational style. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as the young talents shared the rich legacy of this iconic figure through music, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.




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