Krystel Juvet

Krystel grew up in Switzerland, lulled by her mother's passion for Italian culture (including opera, obviously) and her father's taste for travel. These were basic ingredients that fueled her lasting passion for music and exploring new horizons. She began studying Tourism Management, and worked for corporate events while living in Germany. However, this failed to provide the aesthetics and creative dynamic she desired. This is why she enrolled in a Bachelor's in Art Direction, a perfect way to learn creative languages, which concluded with a 6-month startup experience in New York in 2017. 

Driven by a desire to engage with a purpose-based organization, she joined the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in New York in 2019, primarily working toward her country's candidacy for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council. During the campaign, she had the opportunity to work with several artists and realized that, after spending some years trying to understand the world from a governmental perspective, it was time to go back to a more artistic approach and environment. 

Krystel has recently completed her MBA in Cultural Engineering and Management, which began in Paris (ICART) and brought her back to New York (NYIT), much to her delight. 


Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation
Lucky Supply Inc

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