Young Artists Impact | Brianna Almonte

Young Artists Impact | Brianna Almonte

We met Brianna in our 2022 outreach and performance collaboration with Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School. The program was part of our multidisciplinary educational Tableaux of Amico Fritz and the Festival of New York, a decentralized citywide movement made up of cultural and social activations across the five boroughs. The festival aims to re-engage New Yorkers, drive tourism, and emerge stronger as a city, sparking creativity and cooperation across organizations and positive stories about New York City.

​After a successful audition Brianna got the opportunity to perform with us on June 4th and 5th in Zandonai’s Giulietta e Romeo in Battery Park City.

  • When did you decided that you want to pursue a singing/performing career. How did this happen?

Music has always been something that has been a constant in my life. There was always music being played in the background at home, music at all of our gatherings and signing…well we all thought we were the next American Idol. In all sincerity, my Puerto Rican and Dominican background was a huge part of my love for music. All the different rhythmic beats and catchy upbeat vibe, Latin jazz, salsa, merengue, the old and the new music. You just can’t help but want more!! The Latin music I listened to at home opened my heart to beautiful works of music. At the age of four I began music lessons, by five I was taking piano lessons and towards the end of middle school I discovered my voice and true passion for signing!! I decided to go to a specialized high school; Frank Sinatra High School where they offered a class in Opera. Although I loved this class, I did know how this class was going to change my life until second half of my sophomore year in HS. I was stuck at home due to COVID and I noticed that the only thing that truly brought me peace and happiness besides my family, was music. Not only was music the key to my happiness, but the yearning I had to perform and share my love for singing and sharing a story through music was something that I felt could not be ignored. It was my passion, it felt like my life’s purpose. Once I returned to school in person my senior year, I decided to commit to singing and performing and took every opportunity to do so. I applied to multiple conservatories as well as universities with music programs. With the help and guidance of my teachers Steven Kirby, Anya Fidelia, and my parents, I decided to study Opera Vocal Performance at Manhattan School of Music. Being surrounded by people that love to sing and have a passion for music like I do every day has been absolutely life changing, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!

  • ​Can you describe the impact that Tableaux and Festival had on you?

Teatro Grattacielo created and opportunity for me that I did not think was possible so early in my performing career. Being surrounded by so many professionals; from the singers/actors, instrumentalists, conductors, costume/set designers, stage managers and the rest of the team, there was so much to learn and people to learn from. The Teatro Grattacielo community is supportive, and kind and I could have not asked for a better experience for my first professional opera. Performing under Teatro Grattacielo impacted how I saw my future as it assured me that this is what I love, and it made my dreams a reality. It gave me faith that I could pursue a wonderful career in classical music. My experience with Teatro Grattacielo taught me that if you really love something it doesn’t feel like work but a process with earning lessons to reach an end goal.

​Toi toi Brianna! We shall be following your path!


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