Young Artists Impact | Daniele Adriani

Young Artists Impact | Daniele Adriani

Daniele Adriani is a baritone from Italy.

Share with us a unique experience for you in the opera world. How did it inspire you and what did you learn from it?

Being part of an international production with a historic opera company like Teatro Grattacielo is a great honor for me. It’s not the first time I’ve performed abroad, but I’m really excited to debut Carmen with a cast of young performers from all over the world. It will be stimulating for my artistic and personal growth, I’m sure!

Do you think opera should be accessible to everyone? How do you think this could be done?

We need to understand what is meant by “accessible to everyone”. From some points of view, opera is already accessible to everyone. Anyone with the curiosity to discover the world of opera can go to YouTube and listen to the best recordings or watch the best performances that the Met, La Scala, Royal Opera House can offer. In my opinion, the problem in the world of opera is not so much accessibility as the inability to tell new stories closer to our culture. When Puccini wrote La Boheme or Verdi wrote La Traviata, the Opera became a means of telling a story, a drama through music and song, and the public came to the theater to hear the arias, yes, but above all to see the story represented through opera. If opera were used by the Met and by the great theaters to tell new stories, closer to our time and to our society, I am sure that this would help to understand a genre of musical theater which for many years has been seen as obsolete and for a few connoisseurs.

Do you feel that your work as an opera singer helps you to use your creativity to serve your community? What do you enjoy the most about it?

Working as an opera singer is a privilege. In my life I have already had the good fortune to perform in the greatest Italian theaters such as the Arena di Verona, the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome or the Teatro Regio in Turin and in international theaters such as Les Chatelet in Paris or the Kremlin Theater in Moscow and these are experiences that mark you deeply, make you the person you are. In my city, I help my municipality a lot in organizing cultural events and festivals, bringing home the baggage of international experience that I have accumulated in my young career. What I love most about my job is playing a role, studying a character from a musical and acting point of view. When you are finally supported by vocal technique, you can concentrate only on the music and on what a composer and librettist mean with their writing, and fully enjoy everything that surrounds an opera singer during a production: the orchestra, the scenery, the costumes, the lights, the chorus, the extras. The whole theatrical machine is something incredible, sometimes magical, that only those lucky enough to experience can understand.


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