Young Artists Impact | Milanka Noveska

Young Artists Impact | Milanka Noveska

Milanka Noveska is a mezzo soprano with a devoted following.

Share with us a unique experience for you in the opera world. How did it inspire you and what did you learn from it?

I have always been very interested in opera and when i was little, I liked to imitate the singers i heard on my mother’s opera CDs. Then, an opera singer discovered my talent and love towards opera and so at nine years old I had the opportunity to perform with my national Philharmonic Orchestra and sing a duet with him. That performance changed my life because it showed me how much fun performing is, and what joy and freedom of expression the opera can bring.

Do you think opera should be accessible to everyone? How do you think this could be done?

I truly believe that opera should be accessible and approachable to everyone, and I think more countries should focus towards cultivating the knowledge of the younger audience and introducing this beautiful art in a accessible way. For several years I worked in a opera house in which there were performances also aimed towards younger audiences, and I loved it. If presented in a good way opera can be very fun, interactive and inspiring.

Do you feel that your work as an opera singer helps you to use your creativity to serve your community? What do you enjoy the most about it?

It feels like the opera and I were always destined to have such a strong bond. While performing I can truly enjoy every moment in a very truthful way without worrying about social expectations or norms. So free, so alive, present. All the senses are sharpened as the music is running through me allowing me to utilize my creativity and make every performance feel special and unique. That is why live performances are so special and such a great experience. All of the emotions are carried with the musical energy and are then able to merge with the audience. It’s as magical as it can get.


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