Young Artists Impact | Netza Jimenez

Young Artists Impact | Netza Jimenez

​We met Netza in our 2022 outreach and performance collaboration with Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School. The program was part of our Tableaux of Amico Fritz and the Festival of New York, a decentralized citywide movement made up of cultural and social activations across the five boroughs. The festival aims to re-engage New Yorkers, drive tourism, and emerge stronger as a city, sparking creativity and cooperation across organizations and positive stories about New York City.

  • When did you decided that you wanted to pursue a singing/performing career. How did this happen?

    I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in performance during high school. Throughout my life I’ve always loved music and singing, and I think going to an arts school like Frank Sinatra School of the Arts really benefited me. It gives people who will put the time and work into their practice so many opportunities to grow and blossom and continue that work afterwards if they so desire. For example, I met you through that school and I wouldn’t have those opportunities had I not gone.

  • ​Can you describe the impact that Tableaux and Festival had on you?
    That afternoon fueled my passion and gave me an extra push to pursue what i see as a substantial and amazing experience. I love sharing my work, and hearing feedback on it from professionals is one of the best learning experiences out there. Being able to have that supportive environment to hone my craft made me appreciate it more, and now I can’t imagine myself being fulfilled doing anything else.


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