Young Artists Impact | Taylor Consiglio

Young Artists Impact | Taylor Consiglio

Soprano, Taylor Consiglio is a native of Long Island, New York.

Share with us a unique experience for you in the opera world. How did it inspire you and what did you learn from it?

One unique experience I had was performing in the world premiere of “The Leopard” at the Frost School of Music. This was special to me because we got to work alongside and learn from our professors who were the leads in this opera. I absorbed this experience to the fullest to learn from their triumphs and mistakes.

Do you think opera should be accessible to everyone? How do you think this could be done?

Opera of course should be accessible to everyone! The obvious answer is to make it more affordable, but there’s so much more than just that. We should be having more non-profit events in public spaces that are easy to access. We also should be bringing shows to public schools to expose the younger generation. Some opera companies already do this & I really think it could make a difference. It can draw in a crowd and not only help expose us, but we can expose others to our passion!

Do you feel that your work as an opera singer helps you to use your creativity to serve your community? What do you enjoy the most about it?

I believe that my work as an upcoming opera singer in the future can serve a community. I haven’t yet found a way to use my talent to hell the community as I have been focused on completing my master’s degree. I have enjoyed teaching young children while in school and believe that encourages me to be a more creative artist to best support them and their journey with music.


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