Young Artists Impact | Thomas Massey, tenor

Young Artists Impact | Thomas Massey, tenor

Thomas Massey is a tenor from Tampa, Florida. Thomas has been a part of numerous Teatro Grattacielo productions over the past several years. Performing the role of Faust for our virtual production of Boito’s Mefistofele, The Tenor Soloist in Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy’s performance of Handel’s Messiah, as well as joining Teatro Grattacielo’s 25th Anniversary Concert to sing “Il Principe” in highlights of Respighi’s La Bella Dormente nel Bosco, Thomas says that, “I have gone from prince to king with this company, and will be performing the title role of Mozart’s Idomeneo, this summer in Crete.”

Thomas has seen the value that Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy place on his growth as a young artist. As the recipient of a full scholarship from Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy to further his education and self-promotion in the world of opera, Thomas says, “Both Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy offered me several opportunities that enhanced my professional career as well as established my online presence. Being able to work with talented Maestri, such as Israel Gursky and Kamal Khan, helped me take my natural talent to a higher level of professional singing.”

These opportunities to grow as a young opera singer even during a global pandemic have had a deep impact on Thomas. Considering this, Thomas says, “Being able to perform Respighi with a full orchestra was a highlight of my career as well as singing the title role in Boito’s Faust. I received a good amount of attention and interest from other companies due to my work at Teatro Grattacielo. During COVID 19, Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy gave me a platform to continue performing and helped me share my art with a larger online audience. It is always a joy to work with Stefanos and his creative team.”

The impact that Teatro Grattacielo and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy have had on Thomas’ future as an artist goes beyond performance.

“Teatro Grattacielo is a company that not only hires singers, but invests time into their careers by providing new and exciting opportunities. The company not only offers performance opportunities, but an inside look at the opera business through masterclasses on marketing and media. Additionally, Teatro Grattacielo provides a combination of both live and online performance opportunities which reflect the future of the arts.”


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