Young Artists Impact | Valerio Morelli

Young Artists Impact | Valerio Morelli

Valerio Morelli is an Italian 20-year-old bass baritone. He made his professional debut with Teatro Grattacielo in April 2022 as Leporello, in a production of Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart at the Apollon Theater in Syros (Greece).

  • Struggles and Triumphs: What have been the most difficult and most rewarding aspects and moments so far? What successes do you want to share?

A success that I have the pleasure of sharing is undoubtedly my first Masetto which in October of this year we managed to bring to South Korea, at the Daegu Opera House, in co-production with the Teatro Comunale “Claudio Abbado” of Ferrara. It was an immense honor to be able to work with a high caliber and very talented conductor (especially in the Mozart and Rossini repertoire) such as Maestro Daniel Smith, and to have been chosen to take part in this wonderful experience by Maestro Leone Magiera; discoverer of talents from the world of opera such as Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti. Among the major difficulties faced in that month of musical rehearsals there is undoubtedly the problem of Jetlag.

  • What do you hope to accomplish in your career/life, and what do you want your fans and those who follow your career to take away from your experiences?

Now I will continue to focus on studying but one day I really hope to be able to sing in the most important theatres, from the Wiener Staatsoper to the Metropolitan in New York. In the hope of always being able to do well, carrying Italy’s name around the world with its head held high. I dream of a long career from which people can always draw the love and joy that I have for this profession. Long live Opera, always!


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