Young Creatives Impact | Vaibhavi Deo

Young Creatives Impact | Vaibhavi Deo

Meet Vaibhavi, a talented and vibrant digital designer who played a pivotal role in the 2023 production of Carmen. Her awe-inspiring projection designs left audiences captivated and immersed in the world of the performance. Curious to know more about this rising star? Dive into her journey below!

1. Share with us how working with Teatro Grattacielo provided a unique experience for you outside of the classroom and part of the career world you will soon jump into?

- While technology undoubtedly offers innovative tools and technologies, hands-on experience remains an essential aspect of one’s growth. Understanding the requirements, using the skills I had under my belt, learning from the feedbacks, managing the time and deadlines, experimenting definitely helped me grow as a designer.

2. Teatro Grattacielo is about making opera, and all the art form has to offer, accessible to everyone. How did your work with Teatro also fulfill that goal?

- My goal as a designer was to ensure that everyone enjoys the performances to the fullest extent possible. By creating different designs and having the audience connect to the feel of the theme fulfilled that goal.

3. How do you feel your work with Teatro Grattacielo helped you to use your creativity to serve your community? What did you enjoy the most?

- Working with Teatro Grattacielo gave me a beautiful opportunity to blend my passion towards design with the creativity I always wanted to explore within me. I enjoyed working with other Illustrators and creating stunning designs. I had never worked on Typography before, and this opportunity was a learning experience for me.

Engraved Projection by Vaibhavi Deo for Teatro Grattacielo's production of Carmen


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